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Is part of SmartSuiteYes
DescriptionThis extension provides users with the ability to submit feedback on wiki pages, in a user friendly way using forms attached to the 'talk' tab displayed on each wiki page. Editors can reply to this feedback and monitor and manage the status of each feedback item, as well as display overviews of open issues.

This product works as follows:

  • Upon clicking the Talk tab in the upper left corner of the content panel from any wiki page X, a special wiki page is opened showing an overview of feedback given on page X. Also, a button is shown with which the user can supply his/her feedback.
  • Clicking the feedback button opens a form where the user can enter his/her feedback and indicate urgency of the remark and type of remark. Author and date/time are saved.
  • The form has additional fields for status and reply. These can be edited only by users with special privileges. This allows editors to answer questions or explain what has been done with the feedback. The status field can be used for managing feedback and create a simple workflow for processing feedback items.
  • Editor privileges can be assigned in the same way other user privileges are assigned using the user rights dialog.
  • Additional pages are included for displaying overviews of new, open and closed feedback items.
  • This product can be easily customised, Examples are extending the list of feedback types or adding additional statuses to create more complex workflows for processing feedback items such as including a solution review step.
  • This product is typically useful for wikis having a large number of users who may have questions or remarks about content, and for who it may be interesting to take notice of other users' feedback. By consistently answering questions, the feedback tab automatically evolves into a frequently asked questions reference.



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