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Managing by knowledge

The amount of knowledge is growing by the day. Is your organization ready for all this knowledge? And if so, do you manage this knowledge well enough so it does not become obsolete quickly? And do you know what its impact is on your organization and the current and future programs or projects? XL&Knowledge facilitates managing with knowledge. Knowledge that currently is implicit and / or fragmented across the organization.

Knowledge management as an instrument

We support the accessibility of all important knowledge on our WikiXL platform. This is a modern platform based on open-source software and maximum focus on knowledge sharing. Knowledge is accessible to everyone inside and outside the organization. By using standard components and interfaces we can create a rich environment quickly. In addition the platform is entirely custom tailored to your specific requirements. This creates a portal where all relevant knowledge comes together.

Structure and semantics

Semantic technology like the WikiXL platform provides a significant added value compared to unstructured mechanisms such as regular wikis and documents. These are primarily aimed at spreading knowledge and not on structured analysis. Different people have different knowledge needs that can not always be predicted in advance. A linear presentation is therefore often not sufficiently rapid enough in order to find knowledge.

By adding structure and semantics (meaning) it is possible to disclose information much more focused on the needs of specific target groups.



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