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ArchiXL IT-referentie-architectuur/en +The ArchiXL IT reference architecture is a reference architecture that can be used in the preparation of specific architectures for organizations. The architecture is prepared on the basis of knowledge and experience of consultants ArchiXL, and will be adjusted based on new insights. The architecture describes the structure of information on different layers, with emphasis on the generic construction that is applicable to any organization.  +
ArchiXL advises government on reference architecture knowledge models +The reference architectures of the Government, NORA and [http://www.noraonline.nl/wiki/NORA_dochters daughters] like WILMA, GEMMA, ROSA etc. are tuning their knowledge models. In the NORA user board [http://www.noraonline.nl/wiki/NORA_gebruikersraad:2013-09-24 September 24 jl] a [http://www.noraonline.nl/images/noraonline/0/0d/ Kennismodel_NORA_-_versie_16_augustus_2013.pdf proposal] discussed on the position of ArchiXL which will have an advisory role because of her knowledge of, and experience with most government reference architectures.  +
Bart den Dulk +Bart den Dulk is a senior consultant, working as business and information architect. He has a broad background in information management, service management and IT sourcing and control. He has worked recently on projects related to fysical safety and has been one of the main contributors to the Regional Security Reference Architecture (VeRA).  +
Danny Greefhorst +Danny Greefhorst is director of ArchiXL. He works as an IT architect and IT consultant. He also is lecturer at ArchiXL Training. Danny focuses on IT architecture in the broadest sense of the word. He has experience in supervising, implementing and deploying enterprise architectures, application architectures and technical architectures at various institutions in the financial and public sectors. Danny is TOGAF 9 certified, active in the field of architecture, and regularly publishes on the subject.  +
EAR Online +This wiki is designed to support the development and promotion of the Architecture of the central government. The National Architecture provides a comprehensive reference architecture for the central government. It is a guidance for anyone who wants to take steps to improve co-operation between and within parts of the National Office from concern viewpoint.  +
Eigen URL/en +This extension provides your wiki with a dedicated URL. By default, wiki's are accessed through wikixl.nl/wiki/''wikiname''. With this extension, you can choose your own URL, for example ''mywiki.com''. We will take care of applying for, maintaining and timely replacing the necessary security certificates.  +
Erwin Oord +Erwin Oord is principal consultant at ArchiXL and lecturer at ArchiXL Training. He has extensive experience with both enterprise architectures, and complex, organization-transcending solution architectures. He has worked on assignments in many sectors, in particular finance and healthcare. Erwin has a strong vision and the ability to operate in complex organizational and political environments. He understands that in order to make any enterprise architecture initiative succesful, you need not only a good architecture but above all a practical approach to overcome organizational boundaries, and create awareness and commitment.  +
Esther Greefhorst +Esther Greefhorst is office manager at ArchiXL and as such responsible for internal operations. She takes care of financial administration and acts as the general source of information and contact for suppliers. Esther is a passionate person who has the power to ensure that everything is functioning optimally.  +
GEMMA Online/en +The GEneral Municipal Model Architecture GEMMA (GEMeentelijke Model Architectuur in Dutch) is a comprehensive set of architectures and standards to help Dutch municipalities realize their e-government ambitions. For, by, and with Municipalities, GEMMA is developed and maintained by KING, the Quality Institute for Dutch Municipalities. Next to improving municipal e-service delivery, it also helps municipalities to understand and structure national e-government initiatives. * By using readily available standards for their e-service provisioning, municipalities can free resources for important core-activities. * Due to the publicly available architectures and standards, interoperability is increased on all levels; * GEMMA standards help municipalities improve their service delivery to citizens and businesses. * GEMMA helps in clearing entry-barriers to the municipal software market. * Software Suppliers more and more realize the importance of implementing standards in their products.  +
Gemeente Venlo - Venlose Enterprise- en Referentiearchitectuur (VERA)/en +VERA stands for Venlo Enterprise and Reference Architecture, in which information policy and achitecture meet. To ensure the quality of information and the employed ICT, there's a concern-wide co-operation on a municipality-wide business, information and technical architecture. This wiki is not publicly accessible  +
Gold sponsor SMW-congress Berlin 2013 +Under the banner of our knowledge management label, XL&Knowledge we have become Gold Sponsor of the International Semantic MediaWiki conference in Berlin om October 28th. Semantic MediaWiki SMWConFall2013 is the event for users and developers of Semantic MediaWiki, the open source software on which our WikiXL platform is based . This year the conference is held in the center of Berlin, from 28 to 30 October. In several presentations, tutorials and workshops, new developments and case studies are shown and developments of the software discussed . [[File:SMW-logo.png|right]] We also provide some presentations, including on the use of SMW in developing reference architectures, and ideas that we have on ´semantic time travelling', the ability to follow the changes in architecture over time. With our sponsorship we actively support the open source community of Semantic MediaWiki . The conference is open to anyone with an interest in Semantic MediaWiki. Various practical workshops to help you enhance your skills. The conference is therefore also suitable for 'beginners' .  +
Jan Willem van Veen +Is principal consultant at ArchiXL with over 10 years of experience in the field of ICT development, design, and architecture (project) management. As a partner of IT and Business Management he advises clients in all aspects of development and implementations. Jan Willem is mainly active in the field of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for customers such as healthcare, education, local and central government. He also provides workshops and training on this subject.  +
Joris Dirks +Joris Dirks is a consultant with a background in public administration sciences. Joris is keen on the alignment of organizational knowledge so people can work smarter. He applies online tools as well as architecture, to achieve collaboration and to make practical applications of policy goals. In the past few years, Joris has experienced himself with e-Government projects. In these, he likes to think about practical applications with attention to context. This enables executive branches to implement public policies but also enables overview of challenges in implementation. This experience has made Joris a specialist on the architecture of Dutch e-Government. For example, he is one of the team members behind NORA, the Dutch government reference architecture. Joris applies knowledge management at projects, tailored by analysing needs and apt instruments. He applies online tooling like wikis and more personal approaches like workshops alike.  +
Ministerie van OCW - Referentie Onderwijs Sector Architectuur (ROSA)/en +The ROSA wiki aims to support organizations that exchange information either within the field of education or with the education domain. The education domain includes the sectors of education (primary, secondary, adult, and higher education) and the organizations that fall under the responsibility of ministry (core department, DUO, CPU and Inspection. This wiki is publicly accessible.  +
NORA Online/en +NORA was adopted by Parliament in 2009 as a standard for the Dutch government. NORA provides principles, definitions and models for the design and structure of information from the government, and the services provided to citizens and businesses. It is a tool that can be used by architects, project leaders, and managers to improve the service and the ability to co-operate in their organization. This wiki supports the use, management, and development of NORA.  +
NORA-dashboard/en +This extension provides your enterprise architecure wiki with an overview of relations between architecture principles in your wiki and architecture principles in the NORA (the Dutch government reference architecture). It offers specific functions to manage these relations, for example in case of changes in NORA. This extension has been developed by ArchiXL specifically for the NORA community, but can be used as a template for managing other interwiki dependencies.  +
Nils Couwenbergh +Nils is a senior consultant at XL&Knowledge. He has a solid base in business administration which he combines with an extensive experience in Enterprise Architecture. This gives him the advantage to analyse IT challenges in a broader organizational context. What characterizes Nils is his creative and energetic approach. He worked for various organizations, both in public and private sector. Last years his focus shifted towards local government. At the moment Nils works for the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) where he explores the impact of the new environmental law (Omgevingswet) on the information technology of a municipality.  +
PSA-generator/en +This extension has been developed specifically for enterprise architecture wiki's. It provides your wiki with a special page through which a list can be generated of architecture decisions (such as goals and principles) and architecture concepts (such as application components and business processes) that are relevant to a certain project. On this special page, the user enters the characteristics of his/her project and optionally limits the desired results (e.g. to architecture principles only). The PSA generator extension subsequently generates an ordered list of those elements of the enterprise architecture that are relevant to the project. This ordered list can then be used as a template for writing a project start architecture.  +
Remco de Boer +Remco de Boer is a consultant at ArchiXL and lecturer at ArchiXL Training. Remco has experience in the field of software development, IT architecture and research. He has a PhD in the field of architectural knowledge and the role of architectural knowledge in quality assessments of IT systems. Remco has been involved in IT projects in areas such as telecommunications and health care. In his work he tries to bridge the gap between theory on the one hand, and a practical and effective support of the architectural process on the other.  +
Ronald Dolman +Ronald Dolman is a senior consultant at ArchiXL with over 15 years of experience in the field of software development. He enjoys working on the intersection between business and IT. Ronald has extensive experience in the preparation of solution architectures, and in recent years he has mainly been involved in large and complex projects in the public and financial sectors. In this role he advises and supports organizations in decision making concerning Microsoft products, technologies, and application architecture.  +
Semantic Glossary/en +This extension highlights terminology added to a glossary in the wiki. Anywhere on any wikipage, all words from the glossary are highlighted (with a dashed underline). Whenever the user hovers over the word with the mouse cursor, the definition appears in a tooltip. The software of this extension is open source, so you only need to pay for implementation.  +
SmartBooks™/en +This extension provides the ability to combine wiki pages and export them to a file in ODF, DOC(X), TXT, PDF or ePUB format. This file can then be read on a device such as a PC, laptop, tablet, e-reader or smartphone. Formatting of wiki pages is (a far as possible) preserved during export. Each document has correct page numbering, table of contents and so on.  +
SmartConnect™ for ARIS/en +ArchiXL has developed a standard import connector for content created in ARIS. The import connector imports elements from the ARIS repository as well as diagrams as clickable images. This way, content remains synchronized between both environments. You will need to use ARIS Business Publisher to export content from ARIS to the import connector.  +
SmartConnect™ for Archi/en +ArchiXL has developed a standard import connector for content created in ARCHI. The import connector imports elements from the ARCHI repository as well as diagrams as clickable images. This way, content remains synchronized between both environments.  +
SmartConnect™ for BiZZdesign Architect/en +ArchiXL has developed a standard import connector for content created in BiZZdesign Architect. The import connector imports elements from the BiZZdesign Architect repository as well as diagrams as clickable images. This way, content remains synchronized between both environments. You will need to use the export script provided by BiZZdesign to export content from BiZZdesign Architect to the import connector.  +



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