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SmartConnect™ for BiZZdesigner/en +ArchiXL has developed a standard import connector for content created in BiZZdesigner. The import connector imports elements from the BiZZdesigner repository as well as diagrams as clickable images. This way, content remains synchronized between both environments. You will need to use the export script provided by BiZZdesign to export content from BiZZdesigner to the import connector.  +
SmartCore™/en +The knowledge model of a semantic wiki determines the content structure according to which knowledge can be stored in the wiki. It is the backbone of any semantic wiki. XL&Knowledge has developed SmartCore™ as an extension for managing knowledge models in your wiki. The extension enables you to create and adapt your knowledge model. New element types (such as "standard" or "building block"), properties and relations can be added or changed without having expert know-how of Semantic MediaWiki. Also, complete knowledge models (e.g. ArchiMate extensions) can be imported as a quick-start. SmartCore™ enables customizing the layout of wiki pages per element type.  +
SmartFeedback™/en +This extension provides users with the ability to submit feedback on wiki pages, in a user friendly way using forms attached to the 'talk' tab displayed on each wiki page. Editors can reply to this feedback and monitor and manage the status of each feedback item, as well as display overviews of open issues.  +
SmartPublish™/en +By creating an limited-access development wiki, in which new content can be added or existing content can be changed, editing and publishing content becomes a managed process. Development related content is not accessible for public, so the development team can freely discuss content and content related issues. Once the content is finalized, it is promoted to the public wiki. Together with the development wiki we install the publication mechanism that automatically publishes approved content from the development to the public wiki.  +
Successfull user day WikiXL / XL&Knowledge +On June 12, 2013, the WikiXL-usergroup held its first meeting in Meet & Discover in Amersfoort. The afternoon began with the launch of the label XL&Knowledge, followed by an explanation of the intent of the user and WikiXL platform strategy. Together with the users we are considering a format that meets all needs well . [[File:Gebruikersdag.jpg|right]] Subsequently, in the workshop a discussion emerged based on two points of interest : :1. All architectures within the Dutch government must conform to a central knowledge model :Because: The Dutch government has an architecture :2. Only a domain-specific knowledge model is able to produce a meaningful reference architecture :Because: Architecture is purpose-bound, so there can be no question of a knowledge model Apparently there is a strong need to bring different architectures within the government together. The participants emphasized the distinction between the content of the architecture of a domain, or sector - specific, and the structure of the architecture, which is generic. The connection of the different architectures is to be found in the generic structure. Hence, direction is required at the meta-level of these architectures . Finally, in a short demo a practical example of how Linked Open Data can be used with the WikiXL platform was presented. This successful day was closed at 17.00 with drinks and networking opportunities. For an impression of the afternoon. See http://bit.ly/1amnapy  +
Toine Schijvenaars +Is managing partner and principal consultant at ArchiXL, and XL&Knowledge. He works as an information architect and IT consultant. Toine has a background as a designer, consultant, and project leader in software engineering and architecture especially in the public sector at state and municipal level. He also has experience in education and healthcare. In particular, he has been involved in various projects related to knowledge management and reference architectures, and as ICT- and information architect at local and central governments.  +
Triple A encyclopedie/en +Professional education is changing, and the demand for flexible, affordable, and well-organized education is growing. Therefore, current ICT systems do not always meet current expectations. If ICT systems are to be replaced, the question is what will be the requirements for new systems? Triple A will provide an answer to this question. Therefore, a network of ROCs and AOCs is working on a shared vision of educational reform. Based on the processes within an educational institution, this vision was developed in a process model. The consequences for supporting systems are described in the functional design and architecture of Triple A. The vision, architecture as well as the functional design are combined in the Triple A encyclopedia. This wiki is developed by a consortium lead by WikiXL. [http://www.netwinst.nl Netwinst] developed a special frontend, which retrieves the content from the wiki backend. This was specially designed in collaboration with [http://www.bitman.nl Bitman]  +
Youri van den Bogert +Youri has extensive experience with Internet marketing and web development. At ArchiXL he primarily focuses on the ongoing development of the WikiXL platform. as well as its management. He also supports wiki implementation projects.  +



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