What is XL&Knowledge?

XL&Knowledge (pronounced as: excellent knowledge) is a consultancy and service provider in the field of semantics and knowledge management. This is a relatively new and rapidly growing field in between Business and ICT, which focuses on leveraging knowledge in order to support co-operation between people and organizations. In practice, knowledge management still is too often perceived as implementing an expensive software package to simply store the knowledge. However, it is not the system itself, but the effective use of stored knowledge which is of essential importance. Therefore, it is our ambition to help you make effective use of the knowledge which is present in your organization.

XL&Knowledge is a spin off from its sister organization ArchiXL B.V., a leading consulting firm in the field of enterprise architecture. This field is a form of knowledge management in which co-operation and co-ordination are essential. The services of XL&Knowledge were initially developed as internal methods and tooling of ArchiXL, and have proven their value in practice - see the gallery for examples. However, these methods and tooling are much more versatile, and their use extends far beyond their application to enterprise architecture only. XL&Knowledge was established in order to broadly offer services in the field of semantics and knowledge management.

In the services we offer, we distinguish between advisory services and platform services. As a consultancy firm we provide advice on issues related to semantics and knowledge. This includes both management level advice on objectives and strategy development, as well as design and overseeing the implementation (or outsourcing) of knowledge management projects. As a platform provider, we can provide you with a platform (software-as-a-service) to capture and exploit knowledge within your organization, or facilitate co-operation between organizations.

Our staff consists of expert consultants with senior level experience in complex projects. We do not offer secondments. If you hire us, we will co-operate with you in order to achieve your goals. You can rest assured that we provide the necessary knowledge and expertise, as well as the personal skills needed to achieve success in complex situations.



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