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PagenameGEMMA Online
DescriptionThe GEneral Municipal Model Architecture GEMMA (GEMeentelijke Model Architectuur in Dutch) is a comprehensive set of architectures and standards to help Dutch municipalities realize their e-government ambitions. For, by, and with Municipalities, GEMMA is developed and maintained by KING, the Quality Institute for Dutch Municipalities. Next to improving municipal e-service delivery, it also helps municipalities to understand and structure national e-government initiatives.
  • By using readily available standards for their e-service provisioning, municipalities can free resources for important core-activities.
  • Due to the publicly available architectures and standards, interoperability is increased on all levels;
  • GEMMA standards help municipalities improve their service delivery to citizens and businesses.
  • GEMMA helps in clearing entry-barriers to the municipal software market.
  • Software Suppliers more and more realize the importance of implementing standards in their products.



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