Our consultants support you solving issues related to semantics and knowledge management. We offer high quality services, from management-level consultancy on goals and strategy to design and supervision of implementation or outsourcing of knowledge management implementation projects.

Semantics and knowledge management

Semantics is a discipline concerned with 'meaning'. The use of semantics is therefore focused on adding or making explicit the meaning of existing information or data. Semantics make information meaningful by capturing the context of information in the form of relationships and properties. The structure of this context has a formal character and can therefore be unambiguously interpreted by both man and machine. This makes it possible to exploit the semantics to infer new, indirect facts based and to better answer search questions and information queries.

In recent years, the field of semantics is increasingly brought into the spotlight. On the World Wide Web the application of semantics is referred to as the Semantic Web or Web 3.0 - the successor to the social Web 2.0. The concept of Linked ( Open) Data also has its origin in the field of semantics, with the idea to use the Semantic Web to unlock individual data items and to relate them meaningfully. This creates a 'cloud' of semantically related data sets on the Web: the Linked Open Data Cloud.


Our employees are skilled consultants with broad knowledge and experience in the areas of:

  • Knowledge management
  • Semantics and semantic technologies
  • Linked (Open) Data
  • Knowledge modeling

Platform Services


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We support the accessibility of all important knowledge by means of a semantic wiki. This is a modern knowledge management platform based on open source software with a maximum focus on knowledge sharing . Knowledge is made accessible to everyone inside and outside the organization. By using standard components and interfaces we can quickly create a rich environment. Additionally, the platform can be entirely custom tailored to your specific requirements. This creates a portal in which all relevant knowledge is brought together.

WikiXL designs, implements and supports solutions based on knowledge management software. Below is an overview of our products and services .

Design and implementation of a knowledge management wiki

Together with the customer, we create a model of the knowledge that must be captured and made accessible. This model is the basis for the entry forms and for displaying the knowledge in the wiki. In addition, we design dynamic pages for accessing and discovering knowledge. We also take into account more specific functionality that can be realized through our generic models and components. If necessary, we provide a tailor-made solution .

Standard knowledge models

Based on project experience, WikiXL has developed several standard knowledge models that can be deployed quickly. There are knowledge models available in such fields as IT and Enterprise Architecture (ArchiMate , architectural principles) , (Re)sources and Documents (Dublin Core), Standards, Glossaries, and Project and Issue Management. These models can be combined, so that your knowledge can truly be captured 'in context'.

Reference architectures

The WikiXL platform supports a number of reference architectures that have been made available as a wiki. This architectural knowledge can also be incorporated into your own wiki. This can for example be done for the following reference architectures :

Our sister organization ArchiXL can support you with the implementation and adaptation of these reference architectures in your own organization .

Standard components

In addition to using standard open source components, WikiXL also develops its own functional modules. Improvements to existing components are whenever possible returned to the open source community.

Modules developed by WikiXL

The WikiXL SmartSuite™ includes a series of modules focused on connectivity, management and knowledge publication. WikiXL SmartSuite™ provides essential components for the use of a wiki as a knowledge management platform, regardless of the application domain. WikiXL also develops modules particular to certain applications. In the IT/Enterprise architecture domain, for instance, WikiXL has developed:

  • NORA dashboard , a dashboard that supports (re)use of NORA principles and makes the architect aware of changes and developments in NORA that affect their own architecture;
  • GEMMA import, offers municipalities the opportunity to import GEMMA themes and principles to their own architecture wiki;
  • PSA generator, offers the possibility of using a short dialogue to generate a Project Start Architecture that reuses the knowledge in an architecture wiki.

WikiXL platform as a service

WikiXL offers its platform as a service. This means the platform is provided as a hosted service at a fixed monthly fee, so you no longer have to worry about operational support and endless updates.



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